Feature Friday: House of Hoft
Written by:
Rochelle Biegel Hoffman
Published On:
July 14, 2020

Happy Friday!

We're so excited to introduce you to this next business woman. She's been such a treat to work with!

Amber from House of Hoft

1) How did you get into the jewelry business?

"I got into the jewelry business, not only through my obsession with jewelry, but mainly through the inspiration of watching other jewelry makers! The intrigue led me to learn the process for myself and turned into something I truly love doing!"

2) What led you to open House of Hoft?

"My love for creating simplistic, yet meaningful jewelry that allows women to feel beautifully confident while wearing it is what led me to start House of Hoft."

3) What does it mean to you to be a Wisconsin small business?

"Wisconsin has great things to offer–a wealth of community support, beautiful seasons all year-round, and so many opportunities–which makes for a perfect small business location."

4) Where's your favorite place to vacation in Wisconsin?

"My husband and I love vacationing in La Crosse! We can't get enough of their wide variety of delicious restaurants, great coffee shops, the downtown's historic/modern charm, and the gorgeous hiking views–just to name a few!"

5) What's your favorite season?

"Without a doubt, fall! I'm truly obsessed with the beautiful colors, cooler/crisp air, fall outfits, and knowing football is in full swing!"

6) Your personal favorite House of Hoft piece?

"Hard call! While I have quite a few favorites, my ultimate pick would be the Customizable Disc Necklace in gold. Mine has an "R" which holds a lot of meaning for me as it stands for my fur babies name, Rylin."

7) Anything else you'd like to add?

"I'm so incredibly thankful to have House of Hoft jewelry in the Rooted in Red shop! Did I mention that their team is fantastic?!"

Shop Amber's products on our site now!

Need some inspo?

Sarah's favorite: Marren Necklace

Rochelle's favorite: Estelle Earrings

Jamie's favorite: Disc Necklace

Rochelle Biegel Hoffman
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