Honey BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

A family staple in the Biegel family is pulled pork. There are many ways of making pulled pork, and the final product is always worth the wait.  So with football season upon us, we want to share two ways we cook it up.

For busy families that either don’t have a smoker, or don’t have time to babysit a pork butt for 12 hours, pulled pork cooked in an InstaPot is your answer.

InstaPot Pulled Pork

Start with a 3-4lb pork butt.  Season generously with garlic salt and sweet/smokey seasoning.  Add 1 cup water to the bottom of the InstaPot, Place roast in pot with the fat cap facing up to lock in the moisture.  Cook on HIGH pressure for 2-3 hours. Once done, drizzle with some Cranberry Honey and mix.

You won’t have the smokey flavor or the crust, but fall of the bone pork in 2 hours is a breeze.

Classic Pulled Pork

This is perfected in a smoker.  Heat smoker with wood chips to 275 degrees. Generously season 4lb pork butt with garlic salt, wrap in tin foil.  Cook fat cap up for 9 hours. Drizzle with Cranberry Honey.

Either way you cook pulled pork, serve with family, friends, laughter and love.

Happy Eatin!

Rochelle is generation 5 cranberry grower and lives in west central Wisconsin with her husband Nick and two daughters on King Cranberries. She teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and loves to do bee pollinator research with her students. She loves teaching, and cranberries, and teaching people about cranberries! When she’s not working on her doctoral dissertation you can find her in her garden, collecting eggs from the coop, baking with the girls, or going on school visits with Ben the therapy dog. Check out some of her favorite recipes and projects.

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